I am also known as "THE OFFICE".

I am your host, Emile Serrette, and welcome to the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. As your host, I promise you an unforgettable, experience, whether it's hiking, camping or touring the islands. I will take you to places of interest, off the beacon track.

The best hiking experience in Trinidad & Tobago

Who I am

Nature Trekking in T&T is the "ONLY" hiking company that forms the perfect union of carefully blending both Trinidad and Tobago's rich historical background with all hikes, tours and camp-outs. I offer these services everyday of the year, including public holidays.

My History

As Director of the company, I have been actively involved in adventure tourism for the past 22 years. However, Nature Trekking in T&T, the only Registered Company in the field in Trinidad and Tobago was birthed out of my love for adventure. The company is now 10 years and it provides full time service to our clients. I take you beyond your expectations.

What I do

Nature Trekking in T&T is totally associated with various features of adventure. I aim to accommodate you and your request, whether it's in the area of hiking, camping, touring, or educating. In an effort to please, I dialogue with clients and carefully tailor-make their unique desire, thereby translating it into reality.

Safety with me

Safety is the trademark of Nature Trekking in T&T. On all ventures, we are always equipped with relevant safety devices: life jackets, ropes, fully equipped First Aid Kit and flotation devices. We take full responsibility on each job and strategically position ourselves to jump into action, in the event of any difficulty.

Nature Trekking in T&T is all about hiking adventures for the entire family. Hikes to beautiful rivers, waterfalls and coastal beaches range from very easy to moderately challenging to make your day a beautiful one. The name of this public group is "HIKE FUNATICS"

Public hikes under this banner takes place every last Sunday of every month.

Under this banner, there is an annual marquee event: Labour Day Hill Challenge held on June 19th. Participants compete for trophies, medals, and monetary prizes. Under this umbrella, the most difficult routes are mapped out to test ones physical, mental and testicular strength. Training sessions (public hikes) are held every first Saturday of every month in preparation for this and other events, and the public group is known as "BELLY BURNERS".

Guru Hikers is a "PRIVATE" team of passionate hikers who hike through grueling terrains once a month. To be a member of this team, one has to  be a consistent hiker with Bodow Events (BELLY BURNERS), where your fitness condition will be meticulously assessed and sanctioned.