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I am a hiker. Link with me and I will take you wherever your desire is to go in nature in Trinidad.

Salt & Fresh Boat Tours

Experience a day out at very secluded beaches that is only accessible by boat. Enjoy great waterfall bathing in the forest just as well.

Camp Adventure

Camp with me in the jungle or on a secluded beach where it is just you and nature itself.

Historical Tours

See and experience what Trinidad is really all about based on her very rich and colorful history.



*Historical Walk around the "Queens Park Savannah"

*Port of Spain "Part 1" Historical Bus Tour

*Deep Southern Historical Bus Tour

*Caroni Bird Sanctuary Boat Tour

*Asa Wright Nature Center Bus Tour

* Port of Spain "Part 2" Historical Bus Bus Tour

*Historical Bus Tour to Toco

*Northern Range Bus Tour to the North Coast

*Down the Islands Historical Boat Tour

*Night Walking along the South-Eastern Coastline

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Trinidad, the only Caribbean island with deep South American influence. Our rain forest is identical to that of the world renowned Amazon Forest with its flora being identical, as well as the climate. Hiking in the rain forests of the Northern Range is something well worth experiencing. "Morne La Croix Forest".

The very well known "Turtle Rock" along the North Coast, well away from society. The popular Paria Bay & Waterfall hike will bring you here along the way. This is one of the most versatile hikes in Trinidad where so much is on offer on this hike and to many nature lovers, this hike is easily the MUST DO hike.

Far away in the South-eastern beach of Manzanilla lies the perfect camping spot where you are virtually safely away from everything around you. You have the Atlantic Ocean on the Southern side and the Nariva River on the Northern side. Camp under the coconut palm trees with the constant winds all around you and total peace throughout your stay here. Main feature of visiting here: "Moon Over Manzan".

A true adventurer's dream......to trek up the tallest mountain peak in any country they visit, and in this case, Trinidad's "El Tucuche Peak"(3,072 feet or 936 meters) is the trek. A true jungle adventure to get to the summit and the journey downhill on the other side will carry you through totally untouched terrain and through several abandoned cocoa estates. Who knows.....you may just get that cocoa pod to suck on the sweet pods.

One of Trinidad's finest waterfalls. "RIO SECO FALLS" is certainly a place to behold. Gentle trekking through natural rain forest brings you to this natural wonder. Great swimming here, even a jump from the 25 foot rock into the deep blue pool. Truly a destination not to miss.

One definitely for the bucket list. Actually experience the giant female Leatherback Turtle swimming to shore to lay her eggs at nights. Full details about the Leatherback Turtle's life will also be revealed as she goes through the very interesting process in laying her eggs up to throwing the sand around upon completion to camouflage her nest from predators. "Matura Beach Turtle Laying".

Literally emerald green waters awaits you when you visit our natural river pools along the North-eastern region in Trinidad. Your choice......easy trekking or a nice challenging trek which will only lead you deeper into the forest where the pools here only get better. Say hi to "Mermaid Pools".

Definitely a one of a kind of a hike/tour. An evening trek up the tallest peak of the Central Range "MOUNT TAMANA" (1,009 feet or 308 meters) in time for sundown to see the actual phenomenon of the combination of fruit, insect, fish and blood sucking bats exiting the cave in search of their respective foods. See the bats exit in their hundreds of thousands which is really worth a visit.

Experience a flat bottom boat tour in the largest fresh water mangrove lagoon in Trinidad known as the "Caroni Swamp", home of the National Bird of Trinidad, the "Scarlet Ibis". Although this bird is a native of Venezuela, right here at the swamp you are privilege in seeing this bird in their thousands flying over the swamp to roost on evenings. That is not the case whatsoever in Venezuela. Astounding views of the Northern Range as you sail on by.

Certainly a hidden piece of treasure very few trekkers know about. Very deep inside the Northern Range lies this fantastic waterfall known as "Tombasson Falls". To get here, you must be a true trekker and a lover of nature to really appreciate what is on offer right here.

Definitely a MUST visit wen in Trinidad. Welcome to the 8th wonder of the world......"Trinidad Pitch Lake". Right here asphalt actually grows from the ground uncontrollably hereby providing many st world countries with asphalt also known as "Pitch" for the purpose of paving their roads. A great tour around the facilities will only broaden your knowledge as to asphalt and its many by products that is derived from it.

Experience a very unique hike/tour. In the forest of Guanapo we have the "Guanapo Gorges" which is very phenomenal in its ow right. Swim through very unique and rugged natural rock formations on either side of the bank. Swim through waters coming directly from the mountains where there are no villages beyond hereby making this water as pure as can be. A MUST experience.

On top of "Turtle Rock" overlooking the Caribbean Sea and its rugged coastline. The perfect rock to relax a bit and enjoy every bit of sea breeze that blows endlessly your way.

Trinidad's equivalent of Jamaica's Dunns River. "Turure Water-Steps" is simply a fantastic series of limestone formations and when water flows, certainly a MUST experience in the forest of Cumaca.......in the middle of nowhere in the North-eastern part of the Northern Range.

In the Western Peninsula of Chaguaramas lies a beautiful deciduous forest very much like in North America and Europe where during the Autumn period and trees shed their leaves leaving a multitude of beautiful colors......the same applies in this forest just as well. Fantastic hiking here to various parts of the peninsula. Welcome to "Covigne Nature Trail".

Deep inside the Northern Range in the middle of nowhere lies this phenomenal waterfall.....the mystic "Chorro Waterfall", also known as Habio Falls that is known by very few trekkers in Trinidad. Here is guaranteed to be one with nature as the sounds of this waterfall sounds like a large spray just passing over.

Welcome to the middle of absolutely nowhere that is accessible by vehicles. Boat is the only option to get here on the North Coast between the eastern village of Matelot and the western village of Blanchisseuse. Absolutely fantastic sea bathing here and the really adventurous can do a hike from one secluded beach to another in just 45 minutes (one way). Welcome to "Grande Tacaribe Bay".

The well known "Covigne River & Gorge" in Western Trinidad in Chaguaramas passes through this gorge that is made up of primarily shale rocks. Though this is a small gorge, the visit here is well worth the hike.

Along the North Coast from between Blanchisseuse and the secluded Paria Bay lies this natural rock formation known as the popular "Turtle Rock". Hikers can hike to the head of this rock where the panoramic vistas of the Caribbean Sea can be admired. Certainly a must visit on your way to Paria Bay.

The ever popular "Maracas Bay" on a early Saturday afternoon from the El Tucuche Trail, just off Grand Fond Village.

Relaxing at the very popular 3rd Pool of "3 Pools" in the Northern Range, just off the North Coast of the village of Blanchisseuse. A series of natural pools as stated to choose from to your leisure.

The ever rejuvenating 2nd Pool of "3 Pools" in the village of Blanchisseuse. Swimming here is simply excellent.

Bird watching at the world famous "Asa Wright Nature Center" deep in the Northern Range above the Borough of Arima, once the Cocoa Capital of Trinidad. Great nature guiding all over the well maintained nature trails at the Center.

Apart from Bird Watching and Nature Trekking at Asa Wright Nature Center, here is the "Clear Water Pool" at the facility where you are at total peace with nature and pleasant company enjoying the waters coming from the mountains of the Northern Range.

The famous "Dunston Cave" at Asa Wright Nature Center where you must be a resident for at least 3 days to be afforded a tour at this cave to see the only nocturnal palm eating bird in the world in their habitat.....the "Guacharo or Oil bird".


In taking part in NTITT's activities & events, I understand and agree to that:

I alone will take the full responsibility for my own safety on any given hike or event.

I alone am responsible for assessing in advance all the risks pertaining to activities including my own ability and in accepting information from the organizer. I do so on the understanding that I must verify it for myself.

NTITT is not covered by any general insurance policy against the loss of any personal effects, injury or death, nor does it undertake to arrange such insurance for specific events.

Participants take part in NTITT at their own risk and are very strongly encouraged to take out appropriate insurance on their own.

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